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Additionally, throughout the day we connect with parents using Kaymbu, the leading family engagement and classroom documentation tool for early education programs.

February 29th: Quad Copter Fly-in
On Saturday, February 29th from 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM, First Alliance Church is inviting Parents and/or Grandparents to bring your grade-schoolers or youth to enjoy a great morning of flying copters. You can bring your own copters or other copters will be provided. Also, you can bring a nerf gun to see if you can down a copter. It was a hard challenge last year!

Spaghetti Dinners

Sunshine will be starting our Class Spaghetti Dinners. Each classroom will have an opportunity to have dinner with other families in their child’s class. The Sharks will have a pizza or spaghetti party during the afternoon at Sunshine. The date will be announce at another time. The following are the dates of the spaghetti dinners:

February 4th: Duckling’s/Panda Bear’s Spaghetti Dinner

February 11th: Monkey’s Spaghetti Dinner

February 18th: Teddy Bear’s Spaghetti Dinner

February 25th: Turtle’s Spaghetti Dinner

March 3rd: Eagle’s Spaghetti Dinner

March 10th: Raccoon’s Spaghetti Dinner

March 19th: Chapel
We will being have Chapel on Thursday, March 19th at 10:00 AM. The children will have time to worship God, listen and act out a Bible story, and see Bible Dog. The children love it!

Parent/Teacher Conferences

We will have Spring Parent/Teacher Conferences starting Monday, March 23rd though Tuesday, March 31st. There will be sign up sheets outside your child’s classroom door when it gets closer to the date. These conferences are a great opportunity to discuss with your child’s teacher about his or her developmental progress and/or any concerns you may have.

The following are the dates of the parent/teacher conferences:

Monday, March 23rd-Ducklings

Tuesday, March 24th-Monkeys

Wednesday, March 25th-Eagles

Thursday, March 26th-Turtles

Friday, March 27th-Panda Bears

Monday, March 30th-Teddy Bears

Tuesday, March 31st-Raccoons

Saturday, March 28th: Marriage Night

You are invited to come to First Alliance Church’s Marriage Night on Saturday, March 28th from 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM. The cost for the evening is $30 per couple (This event is for married and engaged couples.). A catered meal will be served and child-care will be available at the church. You can register online at

The premise of this event is many people do physical checkups each year to stay healthy and detect health issues early. So let’s do the same with our marriages as we join Dave and Janice Ringhiser for a marriage checkup.

Saturday, April 4th: SNS/FAC Work Day

Sunshine Nursery School is having a work day on Saturday, April 4th 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM. If you would like to volunteer some of your time to help us with some projects around our school, it would be greatly appreciated. Lunch will be provided. We would love your help.


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